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Cavity Wall Tie Installation
Some years ago, if your property suffered wall tie failure, the only solution was to demolish the wall and rebuild it. This was again obviously very expensive and inconvenient to the occupants who would, like those suffering structural failure, have to move out of the property whilst this was done. Today thankfully, the problem can be rectified in hours rather than weeks without disturbing the occupants of the house. Wall Tie Installers Federation Accredited
Firstly the property is surveyed by a trained and approved Edward Anthony Limited (Gun-Point) contractor, to assess the seriousness of the problem. Using a metal detector he/she will locate the existing ties and determine their type, establish the extent of the corrosion and whether or not they will have to be removed and/or replaced.
A full written report will be available on request. Avoiding existing ties, a grid pattern is worked out for the instillation of the remedial cavity wall tie.
Resin Wall Tie
Resin Wall Tie
Brass Mechanical Wall Tie
Brass Mechanical Wall Tie
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