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Repointing Services
Edward Anthony Limited (Gun-Point) specialises in in mechanised repointing. We have been established and held a Gun-Point Licence for over 20 years. The Gunpoint system is not just for building applications, it can be used for canals, tunnels and paving where specialised mortars or low pressure grouts are required. Gunpoint has established repeat business for many organizations from County Councils & Local Authorities, to Major Contracts in the UK and we are now nominated contractors with nearly every Council across Greater Manchester and the North West. Repointing and Grinding
We are an established Remedial Works Contractor for the NHBC and various house builders. We also have a well established service with home owners, whether they need repairs carried out for mortgage purposes or simply to give their home a new look. Repointing and Pumping
Our basic tools have integrated adjustable dust guards which, once set, ensure the constant depth of rake. The guards are linked to our own specially-designed dust extraction units which reduce the property and the operative from the mess and inconvenience normally associated with raking out. Repointing pump
At the heart of our service is the Gun-point mortar and pump gun. This low pressure high volume machine is light enough to go up on scaffold and small enough to go down tunnels. Its powerful electric motor can pump any standard mortar mix. As well as traditional lime mortars, the Gun-point machine accommodates all types of grades of gauged, masonry, hydraulic lime and cement mortars. We like to us local sands that match the colour and character of the original finish, but any colourants and other admixtures may be added to the mix as required. Repointing finished wall
Lime Based Mortars
Edward Anthony Limited (Gun-Point) use Lime Based Mortar as a general principal. Although we are capable of using a variety of mortars and grouts we choose lime mortar because of the superior benefits and 'autogenous healing'. Our extensive knowledge and experience of our materials are used to provide suitable specifications for any works, and all our specifications comply with the latest European Standards regulations.

Here are some of the key features for Lime Mortars:
Lime Stone
By using Lime Based Mortar (LBM) the movement of buildings during and after construction is easily absorbed. Cracking of LBM is minimal and any that does occur tends to be micro-cracking rather than the major cracking associated with more brittle sand:cement mortars. However, if micro cracking does occur, LBM can heal the cracks and seal the surface, thus wholly maintaining the integrity of the building. Mortar
LBM creates a better bond between bricks and blocks, leading to more durable and longer-lasting buildings.
Lime provides the optimum void fill of the sand present in the mix. This increases the mortar surface area and therefore strengthens the bond.
By resisting water loss when placed between bricks and blocks, LBM ensures precise contact between brickwork and mortar, and also ensures complete hydration of the cement.
Some building components contain soluble salts that can reach the external surface, leaving unsightly deposits. LBM reduce the likelihood of this efflorescence thanks to the reduced amount of water in the structure.
Thanks to the correct filling of perp-end joints and maximum void fill using our system, the bond created by LBM is incredibly strong. Add to that its inherent crack control and self-repair you can see why LBM is so resistant to rain penetration, wind, freezing, thawing, wetting and drying.
Brick Slip Cladding Pointing
It is becoming more common when constructing and refurbishing buildings, that brick cladding systems are chosen as opposed to traditional brick laying. There are many advantages using these systems from reduced construction costs to improved insulation performance. There is an extensive range of brick finishes available for these systems, which require pointing to achieve a traditional brick finish. Brayford
As a whole, most cladding installers do not offer pointing with installation of the panels and contractor's should consult a specialist pointing company, experienced in technique for panel pointing. Trafford Center
Edward Anthony Limited (Gun-Point) have gained valuable years of experience pointing various cladding systems with great success, some of our more high profile clients include The Trafford Centre (Manchester) [Image #2], The G-Mex Centre (Manchester) [Image #3], and Brayford Quay Student Quarter (Lincoln) [Image #1]. GMex
Whether pointing is required on site or factory based, our mechanical pointing system offers rapid production and a high standard of work. Our operatives are trained in the use of power access where scaffolding is not incorporated and are IPAF and CSCS qualified.
We offer an extensive range of mortar colours and can provide specfications and joint profile recommendations for all cladding systems.
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